Opening hours: 7am-7pm daily

Entrance fee: RM5.5/person

Activities: trekking, swimming, photos shooting.

Facilities: toilet & changing rooms on levels 1-4, shops in front of the park, car park.

How to get to Kanching falls:

  • We took an Uber XL – 7 rooms to Kanching with just RM41. It took only 40-50 minutes to get the site.
  • Two of my friend traveled by motorbike from KLCC, it was like a quite easy and fast way.
  • You can also take 150 bus, there is a bus station in front of the park. Ask the driver to stop you at Kanching waterfall, then he will stop you at the road in front of the waterfall, Rawang.
Natural pool Kanching

The waterfalls is a great spot for picnics, camping, swimming, jungle trekking especially at weekends. If you want to avoid the crowded, go on weekdays, trek in the early mornings and swim in the higher levels.

The waterfalls consist of seven levels. The water is very cold, chilling which is suitable for visiting during hot seasons. The lower levels are suitable for families and children. If you want to trek the jungle, go upper levels. There is a very nice stream at the end of the trail.

The route to the first four levels of falls is cements footpaths and steps. It is quite easy at first but then, at these levels, you will pass a troupe of monkeys foraging and fighting for food from passing tourists. Be aware of them because some are extremely aggressive.

What should bring:

  • Water and some snacks for the trail
  • Swimming suits for a dip
  • Flip – flop
  • Extra clothes and tower
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • Camera for shooting lovers <3

I save all best moments in these pictures ^^.Check it out.

Taman Eko Rimba Kanching
The first level of the waterfall
There are a lot of energetic and aggressive monkeys here
Beautiful trail
Pure and amazing stream at the end of the trail
Fabulous views for photos shooting
Resting time!!
Follow the very cool
Enjoy the cool waterfall
Level 6 of the waterfall
My lovely team
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  1. Great guide! Looks like an amazing place to explore. Love that you included information on the drive there and the facilities once you arrive- very helpful for anyone planning a trip here!

  2. Looks lovely! How long did the whole trek take you? Such a helpful article, thanks! Can make for a great weekend trip for is 🙂

  3. Looks beautiful, we always love finding beautiful waterfalls hidden away! Also so yes on the sunscreen! Good to remind people!

  4. What a lovely place! I wouldn’t mind to go there right now — even if the water is cold I would dip my feet into one of the pools))

  5. Wow! Those falls look so beautiful. They remind me a lot of my trip to Erawan waterfall near Bangkok in Thailand. Great memories! Thanks for sharing!

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