Kanchanabury is a historical city in Thailand with many war museums and historic sites reminding a dark time of World War II. Kanchanabury is an ideal for exploring the historical and wild life of Thailand.


There are many ways to travel to Kanchanabury.

Mini Van: Mini Van is very famous in Thailand, it is one of the fastest way to travel from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Kanchanabury. You can catch taxi( around 40 minutes – 270 Baht) to the bus station and easily buy Van tickets there.

The Van can drop you at the bus stop along the street. So follow the googlemap and ask the Van to stop you near your hotel; if not, they will stop at the bus station in Kanchanabury. It takes about 2 hours and half from Bangkok to Kanchanabury.

That day, we traveled from Hua Hin to Kanchanabury about 4 hours and half, the ticket costs 220 baht/ person.

Bus: Bus tickets can be booked over the counters at bus station or you can buy online in advance as well. You can easily search online bus ticket from Bangkok to Kanchanabury. You can catch Bangkok public bus (line 81) in Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal to Kanchanabury.

Train: You can book ticket online here.


There are a lot of guesthouses and hotels in the center of Kanchanabury. You’d better book a hotel in the heart of Kanchanabury which is close to Death railway.

I highly recommend the Rain Tree Resort where I stayed. It is a new resort with unique and super cute houses with great garden and river view.  We stayed there for 3 nights that cost 3600 Baht (including breakfasts). The house is fully furnished with a small fridge, TV, makeup table, and very clean toilet. It takes about 5 minutes by motorbike from Rain Tree Resort to the Death Railway.

 The staff of the resort are very friendly and the surroundings looks quite safe. At night, the resort view from the bridge is lovely and romanced with the reflection of its lights into the surface of River Kwai.

Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
The Rain Tree Hotel – Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Cozy and clean room – The Rain Tree Hotel Kanchanabury Thailand


Death Railway( also called the Burma Railway) is famous historical attraction in Kanchanabury which is considered as a must- see spot there. During WWII, Japanese Army had taken over the South East Asia, they invaded Burma, and the railway was built between Burma  and Thailand which Japanese Army used to bring their troops and supplies to Burma.

The nickname “Death Railway” came out ’cause more than one hundred thousand laborers died during the construction of the Railway.

The bridge was rebuilt and has been used for commercial and tourist travel. If you are lucky, you can experience the train slowly passes by. There are standing areas where you can safely stay away from the train and watch it. The beautiful view of the bridge and the river at night attracts a lot of visitors as well. Crossing by the Death railway at night, you can feel the piece of history up-close on foot. 

Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Kanchanabury Death Railway
Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
River Kwai bridge – Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand


Opening hours:

8a.m. – 4.30 p.m. everyday all year round.

Tickets price:

                         – 300 THB for foreigners (children 200 THB)

                         – 100 THB for locals (children 50 THB)

                         – 20 THB for a motorbike

                         – 30 THB for other vehicles


                        – Bicycle renting: 20 THB/day

                        – Tents: 150 Baht a day for 2 people / 250 a day for 3 people

                        – Sleeping bag: 25 Baht

                        – Pillow:10 Baht/ sleeping mat: 20 Baht.


– By taxi: 1000 bath for whole day would be offered by taxi there for bringing you around Kanchanabury, visiting all famous destinations.

– By motorbike: The most convenient and adventurous way to get there is definitely by motorbike. You can easily rent a motorbike there and go around wherever you want. It is around 250 bath/ day.

 By bus

            Departing from Kanchanaburi to Erawan Falls: 08:00, 08:50, 09:50, 10:45, 11:50, 13:00, 14:10, 15:25 , 16:30, 17:50

            Departing from Erawan Falls to Kanchanaburi: 05:20, 06:10, 07:20, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

            (updating 2017)

            You can book bus ticket here

Located on West Thailand in Erawan National Park, the Erawan is recognized one of the famous waterfalls which attracts a lot of tourists especially Westerners. It takes around 2 hours to explore the total length of the waterfall. There are total 7 tiers (levels) of the waterfall. If you are there, it is worth trekking until the 7th level.

If you relax without moving in the water for a while, the fish will attract your feet and suck them. I love this, it is a bit ticklish but look like you are in an enormous natural fish spa.

Reviewing 7 natural levels of Erawan waterfall:

 ๐Ÿ€ The first level is pretty deep; but there is a wonderful cave under the fall that a lot of people decide to stop by to try. There are some picnic tables and areas in the first level.

๐Ÿ€ The second, I think I missed it ๐Ÿ˜”

๐Ÿ€ The third level is quite small and deep with a big and fabulous falls, less people swim there.

๐Ÿ€ The fourth level with 2 natural water slides. It is not painful when sliding thanks to the mosses fully covering the slides. The pool is quite deep which makes the sliding down be fairly safe. Personally, I think this is the funniest and most interesting level for those who are adventurous and swim well.

๐Ÿ€ The firth level is interesting with small falls and many cascades where you can sit and dip you feet in the natural fish spa.

๐Ÿ€ The sixth level is much more for picturing with the breathtaking view of a beautiful shallow wall of fall.

๐Ÿ€ Reach the highest level is well worth your effort. The pool is not pretty deep, with a small, clean and clear fall which is deep inside the level. There are safe cascades where you can sit and enjoy the peace of Erawan jungle.

Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Erawan waterfall – Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
Very clean and pure water – Travel to Kanchanabury Thailand
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  1. That’s a really cozy room to stay at. You did a good job listing how to go to kanchanabury and how much it cost. The waterfall is so pretty too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’ve lived in Thailand and never made it here but I heard good things. Those pics are amazing especially the falls. I’m going to Thailand in few days and might stay longer again. Will check this place out.

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