Review Hotels in Lijiang, Shangrila, Kunming in China

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Lijiang is a beautiful old town located in the North of Yunnan. Nowadays, there is countless domestic and foreign tourists visiting Lijiang. The city is clean and not expensive at all, which really surprises me.

The Lijiang Old Town is a must-see and a major tourist area in Yunnan. Then you should book a hotel in the middle of the Old Town to easily wander around the town and travel to other destinations in Lijiang.

Me and my friend stayed in a room with shared toilets which is right in front of the Old Town. The hotel owner is very friendly and he can speak English well. He is the only one we met in Lijiang that is able to speak English. He is very helpful and instructive when guiding us how to travel to some destinations in the town, where to eat the authentic local food and where to buy bus ticket to Shangrila.

The location of the hostel is very convenient: 10 minutes walking distance to the old town and bus stops, 15 minutes to local market – Zhongyi market, 20 minutes to the bus station to Shangrila or Kunming.

There is a small bar and a beautiful flower garden in the hostel. The room is quite okey for us, but the blanket is not really warm enough at night when the temperature is sometime at 0 degree.

This is the hostel’s booking link on International Youth Hostel Lijiang

Hotel’s garden in a chilling morning
Flower garden
There is bar and tables in the garden
Flowers in the morning
There are many kinds of room


Shangrila (Xianggelila) is located in the northern of Yunnan province. Shangrila is much colder than Lijiang and Kunming, and the high season in Shangrila is Autumn when it is colored by the red and golden leaves. It is recommended to stay in a hotel in Dukezong Ancient Town to feel how quiet, peace and chilling the town is when you wake up in the early morning. Believe me, it will be a great experience. Besides, at night, you can watch and join the traditional dancing in old town’s Square.

We stay in a very nice hostel at a corner of Dukezong old town. The hotel is warm and clean. Each room is fitted with an electric kettle, hairdryer, warm blanket and heater. There is also a very cozy cafe on the rooftop of the hotel. The owner is very friendly and funny and he speaks English very well.

The hostel is very well located, it is around 3 minutes walking distance to Guishan park, 40 minutes driving to Shika mountain and Songzanling Monastery. Besides, there are many restaurants and shops in front of the old town.

This is the hostel’s booking link on Kersang’s Relay Station

Kersang’s Relay Station


Kunming is considered the center of city which is a little crowded and pricey.  The hotels in Kunming is much more expensive than in Shangrila and Lijiang. The hotels there in high season is usually full, so make sure that you book the room early.

We stayed in Kunming Cloudland International Youth Hostel which is a modern, beautiful and gorgeous hotel.

The location is very convenient an it is just a few blocks to the subway station. You can travel around the city or go to the airport by the subway. There is a big and cozy cafe in the hostel where you can enjoy your breakfast here. Besides, the hostel facilities also includes picnic area, billiards tables, BBQ area, small garden, rooftop cafe.

This is a hostel’s booking link on Kunming Cloudland International Youth Hostel

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