Yangon is originally a small fishing village called Dagon. People before lived around the big pagoda called Swhedagon Pagoda. Yangon became the independent capital of Myanmar from 1948 to 2005. And Naypyidaw is the new capital of Myanmar since 2005. However, Yangon is considered one of the the largest city and the industrial and commercial of the country. 

Yangon and Bagan are the main tourists attractions in Myanmar because of the plenty of beautiful pagodas. People call Yangon is “the city of Golden Pagodas”, and the biggest pagoda here is Swhedagon Pagoda which is a must- see spot for all tourists visiting Yangon. 

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
My lovely team at Swhedagon Pagoda, Yangon Myanmar


Yangon, former name is Ragoon, in my first impression is a very old city. Yangon is the 19- century British colonial capital. Most of the buildings were constructed from 1990s, that’s why you can see how old the buildings are and even the transportation ( cars, trains, bicycles, motorbikes, etc).

Wandering around the city gives me a feeling like a real journey exploring the historical city where people are really kind and welcome all strangers and tourists, where people are still wearing the sarong or longyi, where people are comfortable with walking barefoot. 

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Yangon old city – Travel to Yangon Myanmar

We spent a day to wander around the city, to enjoy the street food and we took the only train to explore the further areas in the city. The train is really old, there are no doors and windows, the train’s sofa is almost damaged. You can sit at the entrance and enjoy Yangon’s life along the railway. And you can stop at any local markets or areas and enjoy the food here. People are really curious about tourists and always keep smiling with us.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Nice market but a lot rubbish around – Travel to Yangon Myanmar


Myanmar is a Buddhist country, there is 98% of the population following and practicing Buddhist. Thus, there is plenty of pagodas around Myanmar.

Dress code is a must for all visitors to enter the pagoda, the rules are usually more relaxed in Thailand but in Myanmar, if you dress inappropriately, you cannot enter the holy site. Knees and shoulder need to be covered and shoes have to be taken off. If you don’t bring any clothes to covers, then you are asked to rent a sarong to cover your knees and shoulders before entering the holy site.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Dress appropriately at the religious sites – Travel to Yangon Myanmar


Myanmar is an eye- opening experience for anyone visiting the country, especially the way how they dress. In Yangon and all other parts of Myanmar I suppose, men wear either trousers or Longyi. Actually it is not a skirt, it is a sheet of cloth tied around the waist, worn by both men and women. And actually, the longyi is somehow very suitable in the summer with the temperature up to 40 degree in Yangon.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Men wear Longyi – Travel to Yangon Myanmar


Thanaka face mask has been used by Myanmar women as a beauty product for such a long time. Local people use it for several reasons. As I mentioned, it is seemly like beauty cosmetic for women in Myanmar. It is also used as sun cream for cooling the skin and avoid the sunburn of the hot weather here.

Thanaka is a yellowish powder made of thanaka tree. People mixed it with water and apply on their face or sometimes even their forehead, their nose, their arms.


In 1970, Myanmar made a super change from driving from the left side to driving on the right side of the road. 

There are a lot of cars in Yangon while the street is not big enough. In the rush hour time, the traffic become chaotic and crazy, you should avoid booking your flight around the rush hour. Peak hour is from 7-9 am and 4-7 pm in the evening. A 10 minutes trip could be a 2 hours trip because of the traffic. And usually, the traffic become worse because many drivers do not obey the traffic rules and drive carelessly without caring the safety of other road users.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Driving is chaotic in Yangon Myanmar


In Yangon, the squat toilets are the norm and usually set behind a house. Some public toilets charge a small fee for using it.

It was hard for us to find a public toilet in Yangon, if yes, then the toilet was not really clean and there was no toilet paper. Besides, there are a number of street food vendors, street cafes in Yangon and similarly, there is toilet here. So, always remember to go toilet before you leave your guest house and bring the antibacterial gel and tissue with you.  


As I mentioned, Yangon is a very old city with a lot high buildings without elevators. When wandering around the downtown you can easily come across these buildings with a basket- rope like in the pictures below. Without lifts, people are not willing to frequently go up and and down, and that’s how the ideas come out. People use a rope with a basket, so that others can put food or whatever things they need in the basket. And all they need to do is just pull it up. That’s very creative and funny, right?!

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
That’s how a building without elevator works.


Myanmar food has been influenced by their neighbor countries like China, India, Thai and ethnic minorities. Yangon street food vendors are mobile every a few hours. 

Most restaurants and food vendors are on the 19th street or in the China town, however you can walk around the city and experience new things that no other tourists did before. We did take the train and stopped at a local market, and it was totally an interesting food trip. The authentic local food there is very cheap, and the people are super friendly.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Mont Lin Ma Yar — Quail Egg Snack – Travel to Yangon Myanmar


Yangon people blew us away with their friendliness and hospitality. The people is the highlight of our trip, everyone seems to be there to help. Staying in Yangon for almost a week, we received a lot of help and smiles from the locals. 

I remember one night when we took a taxi to a well-know restaurant in Yangon for our late-dinner, but unfortunately, the restaurant was close early that night. The people in the restaurant immediately recommended us another restaurant and one waiter happily gave us a ride to the restaurant. We were very happy and surprised with their kindness. 

Another funny story, when we stopped by a local food vendor and decided to eat street food, eight of us could totally finish her vendor just in a few minutes, the owner was very happy and kept talking with us by her language. Whatever we asked her, she replied like she understood our language. This interesting conversion between 2 different languages was one of the most beautiful memory of our trip.

Travel to Yangon Myanmar
Local people are friendly – Travel to Yangon Myanmar
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  1. I’d love to visit Myanmar someday, looks like a beautiful country! Very interesting post giving some useful details for when I eventually make a trip!

  2. Very informative post. Interesting to hear men wear longyi there; as its common in southern and eastern part of my country too. Also, thanks a ton for advising people to dress appropriately when they go to temples. It should be common sense but sadly some people are so clueless and just disrespectful.

    1. Thank you Arunima Dey. Yeh we should show our respect to these places when travelling to their countries. Hope you have great time in Asia Arunima. <3 Thank you for supporting my page.

  3. Good to know that Yangoon is such a friendly place to visit. Myanmar has been on my bucket list for ages. It’s just that whenever I am in Asia I see to run out of time to visit.

    1. Yes I think Myanmar is not really a touristy place, which makes it really nice and friendly place to me. I would love to go back Myanmar to visit other parts of this country, especially Bagan.

  4. I’ve learned so much from this post! I really appreciate you sharing about dressing modestly for the temples – that is so important!

  5. Thank you for highlighting the aspects of dressing appropriately for religious areas … often I hear people are already aware but you’ll be surprised when you read people that didn’t follow guidelines. Myanmar Is such a sight to see. I can’t wait.

  6. I did my first Cross Border, Cross country 75 km when I ran from Tamu which is in Myanmar to Moreh which is in India. It was very liberating to run across borders. I remember how beautiful Myanmar was. After reading your post, I feel like I would like to explore more or Myanmar very soon 🙂

    1. Wow, you had a great trip around Asia, really admire those can make a trip round Asia. Hope that you had a great time in Asia and keep exploring the world.
      Myanmar is a great country, I would love to visit it again too. Thank you very much Richa.

  7. Very beautiful post. I visited Myanmar last year and loved the place. The people are so friendly and amicable. I had not noticed this innovative system of carrying stuff atop high buildings. That is very interesting.

  8. I learned a lot from this post!!! The dress code is incredible important and wow- no elevators?! That is such a big difference from most locations in the US

  9. As someone that visited Yangon a couple of times in the past, I have to say I couldn’t agree anymore. I would recommend every first time visitor to read this article before traveling to Yangon.

  10. It’s quite an informative post for first-time travelers to Myanmar. Some of the facts apply to my country too like dressing appropriately at the religious sites and chaotic driving. It’s interesting to know that high-rise buildings don’t have elevators. I can only imagine the arduous task of getting up and down.

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